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1959 - 2021

Generating funds for cancer research

Raising awareness of signs and symptoms of cancer

Supporting those affected by cancer

Cancer Awareness

Cancer Awareness Radio Features

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Isle of Man Anti-Cancer Association’s awareness feature on Manx Radio. This feature is no longer available on the Late Show but please scroll down to listen again to the various topics that have been covered.

Lymphoma Awareness 

Skin Cancer Awareness 

Oesophageal Cancer Awareness 

Bowel Cancer Awareness  

Bone Cancer Awareness 

Head & Neck Cancer Awareness 

Family History 

Have you got a cough?

Prostate Cancer Awareness 

Breast Cancer Awareness   

Getting information on cancer 

I’ve found a lump! 

Leukaemia Cancer Awareness

Childhood Cancers Awareness

Pancreatic Cancer Awareness 

Stomach Cancer Awareness 

Lung Cancer Awareness 

Testicular Cancer Awareness

Lifestyle & Cancer

General Cancer Awareness 

Good Habits from an Early Age 

Ovarian Cancer Awareness 

Cancer and Alcohol 

Cancer Good News Stories 

Pancreatic Cancer Awareness with Consultant Mr. Tebala 

Red and Processed Meats and your Cancer Risk 

Importance of diagnosing cancer early 


Thank you to Andy Wint, Ben Hartley and the Manx Radio team for allowing us to have had this opportunity to promote cancer awareness to the Manx community.

If you would like to get involved in arranging or hosting a fundraising event for Isle of Man Anti-Cancer Association, please contact us at 07624 252725 or